Saturday, March 15, 2014

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover (spoiler free)

Nope, not dead - just waiting for a review worthy book. I found it in Maybe Someday.

Birthdays are not always what they are cracked up to be. Sydney finds this out on her 22nd. Losing your boyfriend & best friend all in the same day is NOT what she wished for.

She finds herself catapulted into a new life with the virtual stranger that she has been 'flirting' with across her apartments courtyard for the last several weeks. Ridge has been serenading her from his balcony and captivating her with his tunes.

Ridge noticed Sydney as soon as she started accompanying him during his nightly balcony jam sessions. Something about her caught his eye and he doesn't think twice about 'rescuing' her when the need arises.

An invisible force draws them together. Real life forces keep them apart.

That's all you get. To tell you more would give away spoilers. There is a twist in this book that I did NOT see coming and that takes this book to a whole nother level. I LOVED it!

If you haven't heard there is an accompanying soundtrack to this book by the oh-so-handsome and talented Griffin Peterson. (Who I will be drooling over at Book Bash in June!)

I recommend that you download the songs and listen as you read. This too takes it to a whole nother level. Colleen Hoover is nothing but a trend setter. I hope we see more of this in the future.

If you've read the book & wish to discuss further I'm more than happy to do so. PM me because I have a lot to say - just can't do it in this review.

Official release day is Tuesday March 18th, although some store have advance copies. This is how I got mine! Check out your local BAM & see or pick it up on Tuesday.

Happy reading everyone!

Beat, beat, pause.
Beat, beat, pause.
Beat, beat, pause

I <3 Ridge!!!!!!!