Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Becoming Calder AND Finding Eden by Mia Sheridan

Is it just me or do I bring up lists a lot? Probably just me. know what I'm talking about when I say that there are certain authors on a 'list' where if they wrote it you will read it, right? Well Mia Sheridan made that list for me awhile ago when I devoured every book she had written in 48 hrs. No joke!

With that being said once Becoming Calder came up I dove right in & didn't even read the synopsis. I literally had no clue what it was about except a boy named Calder. Whoa! This book is so original in it's concept that at first I couldn't figure out why I liked it. The plot is really like nothing that I have ever read before outside of the boy meets girl & they fall in love that is at the heart of all the books I love. It's the where, when, why & how of this book that is different. I loved it. No.....really......I LOVED IT!

I hate that I can't really go into details without feeling like I would spoil it for you, but feel free to contact me for an in depth discussion! I have lots of thoughts & feels.

It almost goes without saying that once I was finished that I dove head first (at 9:30pm) into the sequel Finding Eden. I finished in one sitting and I don't regret the major book hangover that staying up late finishing caused. Next to books, movies & food I love to sleep so that was a sacrifice. One well worth it. :D 

I like people who forge their own path & do things a little differently. Outside of the plotline of both books being so unique Mia herself did something unusual with the release of these books. They released on the same day! Did you get that? The SAME DAY! Translation: no waiting to finish the second book because BAM there it is, ready & available for you. She must have worked her tushie off to get both done so that she could have a dual release. I LOVED  that too!

I highly recommend both books & would love to hear what you thought when you finish. It is such a relief to me that Mia gets to stay on my list, and with Becoming Calder and Finding Eden she may have even moved up toward the top!

I can't wait for more! (Maybe a Xander story? Too greedy?)