Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happenstance Release Day and Q&A with Jamie McGuire

As with a lot of other people Jamie McGuire is one of my favorite authors. She, along with a handful of others are the ones that have me quaking in my boots and totally fangirling whenever I meet them. They are rock stars in my world! So, in order to break out of my shell a little more this year I reached out to Jamie to see if she would do a little Q&A with me and she said YES! I was only limited to 5 questions - she's a busy lady - so I had to think hard. Here is what I came up with and her responses:

From tattoos, to fan art, to the butterfly in the jar - the blue butterfly, on the front of both Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster, has become a symbol in the book world that is synonymous with the name Jamie McGuire. Where did it come from and what significance does it hold?
The butterfly in the jar cover was created by Justin McClure from Wichita, KS, and it is really very literal. Butterfly = beautiful, trapped in a jar = disaster. I wanted Walking Disaster to carry over something from the Beautiful Disaster cover, and the butterfly seemed like the best choice. That cover was created by Damon of

Understanding that ideas for plot lines and characters come from many different places has anything in your books ever happened to you in real life? If so, what?
In my opinion, all the best scenes in my books are pulled from my real-life experiences. So much of Beautiful Disaster actually happened to me in college, but I'll never admit to which parts!

I have just completed a re-read of the Providence Series and have decided that it's my favorite. This was a revelation to me because I am a die-hard Travis Maddox fan (still am!), but this was the series that introduced me to you and made me a life-long fan. Where did the idea stem from and how long after completion did you self publish?
I'm so glad to hear Providence is your favorite! As my first novel, it is special to me, and I worked really hard on it because it's set in a real place. Providence began as a story about a girl who finds out after her fathers death that he hired a body guard for her, but not until after they fall in love. It turned in to a paranormal after I read Twilight and knew I needed something in my book to stand out. It took me 11 weeks to finish Providence, and I self-published it almost a year to the day that I started writing it.

Is your husband more of a Travis (or a Trent), Jared or Nathan and why?
My husband is more of a Nathan for sure. He's quiet, his feathers never seem to get ruffled, and he always puts everyone else first.

Happenstance will be released on May 9th so of course it's time to move on to the next best thing? Have you already started working on your next project? Any hints?
Since completing Happenstance, I'm taking a well-deserved summer off. I've written 5 back-to-back novels, beginning in August 2013, and I'm ready to give my wrists a rest and spend quality time with my family. Beautiful Oblivion comes out July 1, so I'll be working on promotions for that, but other than that I will be working with my daughter on her debut novel, Eyes of the Woods over the summer, and she'll be publishing in August 2014, and I'll publish the second installment of the Happenstance novella series during that time as well. Then my next self-published project, Apolonia will release October first. It's a dark, new adult sci-fi romance, and it will knock your socks off!

Mark your calendars for:
May 9th - Happenstance
July 1st - Beautiful Oblivion
August - Eyes of the Woods
            - Happenstance (2)
October - Apolonia

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