Thursday, September 26, 2013

Protect Me by Jennifer Culbreth

Let me introduce you to Ryan Dixon. He is pretty near my perfect man. Successful? Check. Good Looking? Check. Ex-Military? Check. Romantic? Check. Check & Check! He has made the list. You know the one that we all have......the Book Boyfriend List. I'm getting pretty selective too so that should tell you something about how much I liked this book. Did I say liked? I LOVED this book!

After an unexpected inheritance Abbi flees Georgia for the city of LA. Snagging a job as a waitress in a bar she meets Ryan while working the VIP section of the club. Ryan is the head of his security firm and is equally as taken with Abbi upon their first meeting. Unfortunately he has some hang ups about his military past and thinks he's not good enough for Abbi.

After a catastrophic event at a party, on his yacht, he comes to realize that he has been stupid and can't live without her. (Don't you love it when that happens?) Let the love fest begin!

If that was all this story was it would be about half the length that it is. Lucky for us there is more!

Drama unfolds for Abbi as her boss, at the club, is involved in some nefarious dealings and drags her into the middle of it. Thank goodness Ryan has that military background!

This is Jennifer's debut novel and in my humble opinion she nailed it! Protect Me pretty much sums up the story of Ryan & Abbi, but this is the first in a series called The Protected Love Series. I can't wait to read about Jace & Judy in the next one! Like literally can't wait. Why do I have to wait?????

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