Monday, July 7, 2014

Finding Jordie by H.J. Harley

I met the author at Book Bash and decided that I liked her right away. She is a no nonsense kind of gal & I like that. She gifted me a copy of her book in exchange for a review & gave me 2 months to post one. Well, I am WAY ahead of schedule :D

The main character Jordie, is the kind of character that I imagine all New Yorkers are. Stereotypically mouthy & doesn't take crap from anyone. As a bar owner I also imagine that she is tough as nails. She shows what she is made of when she takes a punch from a drunk patron and immediately jumps up to have a go at him. The only thing holding her back is a pair of hands attached to a body with an unbelievable handsome face. That face belongs to Nathan Harper a famous actor on the Silver Screen. Fortunately for him Jordie doesn't have the slightest clue who he is and he can pursue her without questioning her intentions.

Jordie is a single mother of a very precocious daughter. Her husband was a military man killed in action. For 9 years she has focused on raising her daughter and making her bar a success. Something about the run in with Nathan has her opening her heart in a way she hasn't in a long time.

A menacing stalker begins to harass Jordie and claims her as his. Can all of Nathan's money and resources keep them safe when they don't know where the threat is coming from? Can the unthinkable really happen? Will Jordie and Nathan get their happily ever after? I promise that you will find out on page 242, so get to reading!

As for me.....I need to obtain book 2 Finding Nathan STAT!

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