Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Heller's Decision Q & A with JD Nixon - Part 2

Due to my (mild) Heller obsession, and multitude of questions post-read, I decided to do a little Q & A with my friend JD Nixon after I finished Heller's Decision. While I am pretty sure I learned nothing new {sigh-her powers of evasion are phenom} any chance to talk to JD is a joy! Let me know your thoughts & if you have questions to ask her that you are not comfortable presenting yourself. I'd be happy to further my Heller obsession with more questions :)


BWAB: Where did the idea come from for the Porn stars storyline?
JD: Probably from an ad here in Brisbane for “Sexpo”. I’ve never visited it (honestly!), but I did some research on their website.

BWAB: Benjy?
JD: I think it’s pretty obvious I have a thing for costumes!!!

BWAB: The monkey?
JD: Who doesn’t love a cute monkey?

BWAB: The mechanic?
JD: Can’t remember a mechanic in HD? Am I going senile???
BWAB: (I was referring to the Mechanic - IB who Tilly & Trent try to ambush at the chop shop)

BWAB: Malefic? (how do you say that name anyway????)
JD: He’s totally my imagination. I say it two ways (because I’m an inconsistent person!): Mal-A-  feek or Malifique. I like the first best.

BWAB: What is the time period for HD? How long have Heller & Tilly been in their relationship?
JD: I try to have a couple of months between each book, so H&T have been together for a few months (his longest love!)

BWAB: Will any/all of the secondary characters get resolution as Heller/Tilly will? Ex.) Will Farrell find love? Bick? Daniel? Will Dixie settle down?
JD: Probably not ☹

BWAB: Where was Victor? No mention of him directly. I assumed he was the one keeping the Warehouse so pristine when Tilly went looking for something to clean/do. He will be 'back', right?
JD: He will turn up before the end of the books

BWAB: I imagine Tilly's parents similar to the ones in Bridget Jones. Am I close?
JD: I’m fuzzy. I’ve only seen the movie and it was a long time ago. They were fairly middle-class and rather prim and proper? If so, yes!

BWAB: Is Heller more sexual with Tilly? Seems like it to me.
JD: He sure likes getting it on with her a lot!!

BWAB: Heller asks Tilly if she is happy with him and their arrangement. How important is this to him? Seems like the first time that he has put someone elses feelings ahead of his own.
JD: Knowing Heller, I guess he wouldn’t ask if he wasn’t thinking about it.

BWAB: Is he ever gonna admit his real feelings for her and say 'I love you'?????
JD: We’ll all have to wait and see!!

BWAB: Is he REALLY that clueless about how Tilly would feel about him sleeping with a client? How is that possible?
JD: Yes! He’s Heller!

BWAB: Where does all the violence against Tilly come from? She gets punched, smacked, pushed, things thrown at her, etc. Seems like most of it goes unaknowledged. Is this true or am I becoming de-sensitized to it?
JD: Mr JD said to me once, “You’re so horrible to Tilly.” I told him she was born to suffer (I don’t really mean that – I love Tilly!). I guess I’m just a terrible person …

BWAB: When Kirnin has Tilly and she keeps telling him "Heller's going to kill you" is she just goading him or trying to convince herself & hoping that he will come save her? Both?
JD: Goading him.

BWAB: How did Clive feel having to go save Tilly? Does he really despise her as much as he seems to?
JD: Clive is one of those characters who still need to reveal himself to me. I could go either way with him

BWAB: Why does Tilly allow Farrell to kiss her? She would flip if someone else kissed Heller!
JD: It was comforting in that particular moment. Wouldn’t you let Farrell kiss you, lol???

BWAB: It seemed a little random to me when the doctor brought up safe sex with Heller & Tilly. Is this significant for later? PLEASE say yes!!!!!!!
JD: Doctors love to lecture! (Grrrrr........)

BWAB: Heller seems 'softer' to me in HD. Is this really so or is it my rose colored glasses when it comes to him clouding my judgement?
JD: Maybe he’s in lurve???

BWAB: Anything else we should talk about?????
JD: You ask, I evade … LOL!!

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