Monday, August 12, 2013

Heller's Decision by JD Nixon

JD's character Heller is one of my all time book boyfriends. Not sure why cuz he's an ass, but such a hot ass! I admire JD for coming up with Heller & his imperfections, for Tilly and her awkwardness and for the rest of the warehouse crew. I thought it would be fun to pose some questions to JD to feel her out on what she thought about some things I've wondered about. Whether you are a JD fan from 'back in the day', like me, or are new to her work I hope you enjoy gaining a little insight.

About JD by JD:
[avatar-edit3-grey-A.JPG]  (This is an old pic of JD, but she is just as lovely today!)

LocationBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
IntroductionI am an indie Australian author with eight ebooks published through Smashwords: Heller (free!), Blood Ties (free!), Heller's Revenge, Blood Sport, Heller's Girlfriend, Heller's Punishment, Blood Feud and Heller's Decision. I'm currently working on the sixth in the Heller series, titled Heller's Regret.
Favorite MoviesToo many to name!
Favorite MusicMy Chemical Romance, Muse, Green Day, Alex Lloyd, Placebo, Papa Roach
Favorite BooksHeller, Blood Ties, Heller's Revenge, Blood Sport, Heller's Girlfriend

BWAB: Is Heller your first series?
JD: Yes

BWAB:Where did the idea for Heller come from? The man and/or the story?
JD: The idea was partly a dream I had. In it there was this guy who fell asleep waiting up for a woman to come home to his ‘Warehouse’. The dream had a real impact on me and I started exploring the idea in my mind. The man? Maybe I might say one day!  (such a tease!!!!!!)

BWAB: Are any of the characters modeled after real people?
JD: I kinda think about the Commando (one of the trainers on Australia’s Biggest Losers) when I write about Farrell, but he’s not really modelled on him. It’s just the general ‘look’ of him I think of. I think of Sid and Clive looking like Ronnie and Reggie Kray, notorious UK gangsters from the 1950s. I pick up inspiration from all over the place.

BWAB: Did you know the path that the story was going to take when you began? If not-is the story going in a way that you are pleased with? If so-have any plot changes occurred?
JD: I’ve been thinking about these books since July 2009, so I know what’s happening!! I probably had Heller and Tilly get together sooner than I would have originally. I just honestly didn’t realise how unresolved sexual tension frustrated people so much (especially in this post-50 Shades era).

BWAB: To date I have still not had a Tim Tam. Are they really that awesome? Did Tilly's love of them stem from your own? What is your favorite kind?
JD: Yes, they really are that awesome and I have to honestly say that I’m not that much of a Tim Tam eater. I don’t eat a lot of chocolate, being more of a crunchy, salty snacker. But I’m not kidding when I say they are iconic in Australia and Arnott’s sells 400 million of them every year! That’s a lot of Tim Tams (even for Tessie!). My favourite? The boring old original is good enough for me!

BWAB: Are you as clumsy/awkward as Tilly?
JD: Nobody could be as bad as Tilly! I just like stretching my imagination with her. She has a very adventurous life (quite at odds with my rather ordinary one!).

BWAB: Any similar situations that you'd like to share?
JD: Never!  (dang! I tried people)

BWAB: Have you gotten any plot ideas from your online fans? Have you changed plot lines based on discussions online?
JD: No, just ask anyone who knows me – I’m horribly stubborn! But I am surprised sometimes at how prescient some readers are. It’s like they’re reading my mind! (I would so love to think that I am one of these mind readers and that I have the story figured out)

BWAB: Did you ever imagine that you would have your own fanpage or have reached the milestones that you have? What were your aspirations when you began?
JD: Nope! My aspirations were to have someone (anyone) read my books and not hate them. I guess I wanted a tiny piece of affirmation that I wasn’t a terrible writer.

BWAB: Any thoughts on the friendships/relationships that have stemmed from your fan page?
JD: There’s a reason I dedicated Heller’s Decision to the JDNFC (I for one am so thankful for all of the amazing people that I have met on the JDNFC. It's been almost 2 years for me & the friendships are still going strong. I love it!)

BWAB: I know that you recently left your job to write full time. What goals do you have for your writing career?
JD: To be able to eat! Otherwise, I try not to be over-ambitious. The chances of a self-published Australian author hitting it big anywhere are very remote. I’ve been very lucky to have Smashwords and recently, the Apple iBookstore, taking an interest in my writing.

BWAB: Do you have plans for other books once Heller and Little Town are done?
JD: Yes. The plans are quite undeveloped at this stage.

BWAB: Do you see any spin-off characters having their own books?
JD: No. (Darn! I'd love to have a Fiona book!)

BWAB: When is the next Little Town book coming out? How many books will there be in total for each series?
JD: I won’t start Blood Tears until the end of 2013/beginning 2014. It will be my first book out in 2014.

BWAB: Tilly or Tess? (Tess is from the Little Town series also by JD & also amazing!)
JD: That’s difficult. They both give me different things. I wrote Tess to counter Tilly. There’s probably more of me in Tess, but they’re quite intense books, so I need Tilly to escape. Can’t choose. It’s like asking which of your kids do you love more! (Depending on the day I could probably pick which kid I love more. Seeing as JD only has one I guess she wouldn't know that)

BWAB: Heller or Finn?
JD: Me personally? Finn. Me as an author? Heller. He’s complex, deep, troubled, conflicted, trying to move towards the light after a life of darkness. (A life of darkness? What happened to him??????) Wanting to love, but constricted by his background and trained cautiousness. Vengeful, yet merciful. He’s a real mystery.

BWAB: Favorite Bycraft?
JD: I love Jakey – always have, always will. But he’s immature. Lola is fun to write, though she’s an awful person. Red is the same. Loads of entertainment value for me, but a repulsive human being.

BWAB: Would you rather live in the Warehouse or in Little Town?
JD: Oh gee, I never thought about that before. Probably Little Town, but without the Bycrafts! Though it would be fun like Tilly and work with a bunch of guys!

BWAB: Do you see yourself as making it to the US at any point in time for a signing?
JD: I’m shy! (So? I'm on a mission people!!!!)

BWAB: Last & MOST IMPORTANTLY.......will there be a Heller baby? I MUST HAVE A HELLER BABY!!!!
JD: Um, will I send him to your house, lol! I can’t guarantee a baby, but it will be a night to remember!!!  (I think she likes teasing me! What night? What is 'it'? I'm dying over here!!!)

BWAB: Thanks for your time. You are & always will be my first indie author friend!!!!!!!!
JD: Aw, shucks …


  1. Great interview. Thanks Love, love, love JD Nixon's books!

  2. Just re-read this interview & thought that I would update & let you know that I have now since had a Tim Tam. Sent to me by a Canadian FB friend I met on JD's fan page no less. I am not a sweets person at all, but I have to tell you......that was about the best damn cookie I have ever eaten!!!!!