Monday, July 22, 2013

One Pink Line by Dina Silver

I apologize in advance because this post contains another Book Bash story. Have I mentioned what a fantastical time I had??????

While there were lots of amazing authors at Book Bash there were a few I was super excited to meet. One of them was my girl crush Rebecca Donovan. Of course her line was long so while I was waiting I ended up standing (awkwardly) in front of Dina Silver's table. No one was at her table. I wondered at the time what these authors must think about the hoopla over certain authors while they sit there watching the spectacle around them. I smiled at her, said hi and picked up one of her books like I was really interested. After all I was stuck there, so why not make her feel better, right? She had three books on the table and you would have to know me, but right wrong or indifferent I usually say what is on my mind. I looked at her and said, " I know how this is going to sound, but are these the only books you have written." She laughed and said 'Yes, why?" I told her that her name sounded familiar, but I knew I hadn't read any of her books. At this point, I'm engaged and couldn't just walk away. Further discussion followed about her books and then lo and behold Rebecca Donovan herself leans over and tells me how amazing Silver is and that I should buy her books. could I argue with that? Then Silver reeled me in with a deal. I could buy two of her books for $20. Sold! I picked One Pink Line and her other book that has a sequel. (not to be named in case I want to read & do a review later) 

Cut to several weeks later where the book has been calling to me from my desk. So, I decided to pick it up and go for it. I read it in one sitting. It was kinda weird because I can't tell you the last time I read an actual book. The kind with real paper pages. Took me back and made me excited to move (in a week) and get all my books out of storage!

Back to the book......the story is told from dual perspectives. One is the mother Sydney whose life changes with the reading of two pink lines on a pregnancy test.  Anyone who is a parent knows what that feels like. If you are lucky, you have a loving reliable partner to enter into that stage of life with you. Sydney wasn't that lucky. Like a lot of women Sydney didn't plan on getting pregnant. She didn't plan on having to tell the love of her life of her impending motherhood and the effect that will have on their lives. She didn't plan on having to tell her neurotic mother that she is pregnant and shaming her parents. The only thing that she planned is that once the line turned pink she was having that baby.

The other perspective in the book is that of her daughter Grace. The questions begin when Grace takes Sex Ed. in school and realizes that the circumstances of her birth don't coincide with what she learned in class. This forces her mother to answer questions before she's ready and causes a rift between the two. Thankfully, as the years progress, and the more Grace learns, the rift is healed.

Reading this book, which is inspired by a real story, made me realize what a huge deal it is when you aren't born into a typical nuclear family. I was born to a married (man and woman) who are still married (to each other) to this day. Boring? Maybe, but there is also security in knowing who you are and who you belong to. I know that my story is not everyone's story and this book brings that to light.

I really really really enjoyed this book. You sympathize with Sydney even while cheering on her pro-life choice. You connect with Grace on her journey of self-discovery. Last but not least you fall in love with Sydney's husband and he gives you hope and faith that there are still 'good' guys in this (fictitious) world and that they don't always finish last.

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