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Heller's Regret Q&A with JD Nixon

I haven't blogged since December 9th so while hanging my head in shame I hope you consider this a worthy comeback. My favorite indie author hands down is JD Nixon. For many reasons that I won't share here but if you want to know just ask me. I presented these questions to her compiled from my own curiosity and yours. I was certainly pleased with her responses and hope you are too. Follow up questions are welcomed so feel free to share in comments.

BWAB: In retrospect most of the books are really about Tilly so why stick with the name Heller for all of them? This one was called Heller's Regret & really that only dealt with the last chapter. Just curious. 
JD: The books are from Tilly’s point of view, so it seemed natural to me that the titles would reflect the amazing man she meets, hence the Heller titles. That might not make much sense to anyone but me! 
BWAB: Did something that you saw or experience trigger the Sam storyline? More than one of us were completely freaked out by that whole thing and believe that you could transition to paranormal flawlessly. You may want to keep that in mind Image 
JD: The Samuel story is just me indulging in one of my interests, not from any experience I’ve had (I don’t believe in ghosts, but I’d loved to be proven wrong one day!). Because of all the vamp/were/witch books around, I didn’t like to explore that genre. But it all seems safe now to dip my toe in the paranormal ocean :-D 
I wrote the Samuel story a few years ago and almost ditched it. I’m glad I didn’t. I loved the way Heller never believed Tilly had gone crazy
BWAB: There appear to be two schools of thought on what is really going on with Heller. Theory 1 - He is getting all of his affairs in order to plan for Tilly to live a life without him in it. Highly anticipated that she will end up with Farrell. Is Heller planning on getting killed on one of his mystery jobs? Theory 2 - He is getting his affairs in order to spend his life with Tilly. His mystery jobs are to rid himself of past obligations/revenges/debts that are holding him back from moving forward with Tilly. Want to comment on if one or both are on the right track? (Guess which one is mine - LOL) 
JD: I can guess which one is yours, Valerie, lol!! But I don’t like to give out spoilers, so my lips are zipped. Sorry. 
BWAB: Even though I know what you will say I promised I would ask so: What is Heller doing on his secret missions? 
JD: Stuff
BWAB: How big of a role will Malefic play in the last book? I think it's pretty unanimous that we all hate him so good job with that. 
JD: Malefic won’t appear in any more Tilly books, but maybe another series . . . I love writing about him!                
BWAB: Are the cops that saw Malefic's van crash Tess &/or Finn? 
JD: Nope. I do plan a crossover story at some point, but it will probably take place on Tess’ domain, not Tilly’s. 
BWAB: Where was Victor?  
Is he in contact with Heller while he is gone? 
Will he reappear in the final book and will we finally get to meet him? 
IJD:  haven’t forgotten about Victor. I don’t want to say much about him because he (finally) appears in H7. 
**** I am throwing this out there now that I think Victor is Heller's dad :D
BWAB: Is Clive in contact with Heller while he is gone? We have differing opinions on this - I vote no. 
JD: I vote yes – to a point. Is Heller really out of contact during these times – yes. Is that by choice – no. 
**** So this answer kind of freaked me out - in a good way! I think I may be right about him after all!
BWAB: You told me in our prior Q&A that Clive was a character that could go either way with you. Have you decided which way that is or has he yet to reveal himself? He certainly thawed in this book. 
JD: I’d like for him and Tilly to reach a relationship where they could live and work together in harmony. I think he’s definitely starting to thaw – maybe Sid’s been working on him???!!!  
BWAB: Is Trent still in the story? Have we gotten to the kissing in the movie theater yet? 
JD: Yes and no. 
**** UGH! That means Tilly will be kissing Trent in H7. Why?????
BWAB: This book came across as less humorous than the previous ones. Was that a deliberate move on your part? I looked at this as more of a transition book. Tying things together and showing Tilly's growth as a character. True? 
JD: I didn’t have a good time last year as some of you might know, and I find it hard to be lighthearted and funny when I’m not feeling it. But this was always going to be the difficult book. Next one should be funnier (I hope – fingers crossed). 
Also, I dislike series where characters never learn or grow. They stagnate after a while. And I say this as a reader, having abandoned more than a few series that I formerly loved with great passion, but have sadly dragged on for far too long with no hope of any end in sight . . .  
BWAB: Going along with that thought Tilly seemed more contemplative this go around. Before when she was recouping/recovering she would spend more time with Daniel & Niq. This time she was alone. Was this a conscious decision on your part? 
*We all enjoyed the fact that she has reconnected with Brian 
JD: Yeah, she was more contemplative. Big life hits do that to people (as we all know). 
But also, I have a big cast of characters, so need to ensure some of them have the spotlight in each book. This time it was Clive & Farrell  
BWAB: Is Tilly's kidnapping associated with Heller's distant past (his secretive one), his recent past (since opening Heller's) or none of the above? I want to know if it's associated with him personally or professionally. 
JD: Heller’s good at making enemies. It was his recent past in that situation, but distant past people haven’t forgotten him either (he’s hard to forget!). 
***** Any ideas on who? I guess the obvious choice would be Select Security.
BWAB: There is some speculation as to whether you would kill Heller off. You have stated in the past that you don't care for Heller so would you go so far as to get rid of him or have you changed your opinion on him? I know you wouldn't do this to me......right?????????????????? I would DIE! 
JD: No, no, no, no, NO!!! I’d never kill Heller! He annoys me for being such a stereotypical alpha male (and here’s me talking about him as if I didn’t create him exactly that way), but he does good in the world too. No, Heller and I have a complicated relationship, but I wouldn’t kill him. Maybe  
**** Hellelujah! Maybe :(
BWAB: The newest trend is to write a novella/book from another characters POV. Would you consider doing this from Heller's POV? That would be awesome!!!! 
JD: Aw, I don’t want to get inside Heller’s brain. Don’t make me go there!!! Please!!! 
**** I'm ok with this answer because as much as I love Heller, and I do love me some Heller, he really is an ass! I don't want to hear his thoughts if they are ass-holey!
BWAB: What ideas do you have for a crossover book between Tilly & Tess? Any concrete thoughts yet or are you still working them out? 
JD: Really haven’t started thinking about it except it will be something that brings the Heller team to Tessie’s territory. I want to see them butting heads with the Bycrafts and the Super :-D She wouldn’t be a pushover for Heller’s good looks!! 
**** Heller vs. the Bycrafts?????? Hell yeah!
BWAB: Several people think that you will not grant us a HEA for both series. Have you thought that far in depth or are they independent of each other in that aspect? I know that the characters are leading you in a certain direction & your HEA will not be mine (sob), but I can't see you being so 'cruel' as to kill off main characters (Heller!) when so many of us are invested so deeply. Keep that in mind too Image 
JD: I’ve known from the beginning how both series will end. My lovely Tilly and Tessie will make the best decisions for their futures  
PS – I’m not a cruel person at all  
BWAB: Finally, will the final book be longer in length? We are doubtful (sorry) that you will be able to wrap up so many loose ends in one more book. Reading between the lines, we are all for more than one book if that is what it takes! You told me in a previous Q&A that we won't get resolution to all of our favorite characters. Do you already know who is getting left out? Want to tell us who? 
IJD:  guess I’ll have to re-evaluate when I start writing H7. I hope to wrap it all up in one book, but it might be too big to do (with so many characters). With Tessie, I will wrap it up, but it will be in an unusual way. Sorry to be so enigmatic, but I really dislike giving out spoilers  
BWAB: Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy reading & sharing as much as we do.  
I’m bowing my head and thanking everyone for taking a chance on an unknown author. Thank you for reading my books 


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  2. Oh my goodness. I love JD! Eventhough she drives us all crazy with her books. Lol. I think I'm addicted forever. ;) Thank you for doing/ writing and sharing this Q&A.

  3. Great interview on both parts. Kudo V.! And we got some real answers! That was unexpected. Love you JD!!! Thank you for for giving us this time in your busy schedule! Jeanie

  4. Was just reading my nook and realized it's after the 1st of the year. So i go and see if h6 is out. . And it was. I was so excited, I read it in 2 1/2 days. . Ugh. Now another year. . Almost. . For h7.i don't knower if I can take it. And I'm extremely excited about the next lt book. I really enjoy your writing jd. Great work.

  5. Read it again and loved it again. Thanks for asking the questions that we want asked!