Monday, January 20, 2014

The Ultimate Decision by Cheri Lewis (Minor Spoilers)

I literally just got goosebumps typing that title! I'm weird like that! Why you ask? Because Cheri Lewis is my friend. I FREAKING KNOW A PUBLISHED AUTHOR! She sprung it on everyone as a surprise & man was I ever. I immediately purchased the book & dove in last night. Couldn't stop reading! Was up until 2:30 AM finishing it and I don't regret the book hangover I'm sporting today AT ALL!

As a first attempt at writing Cheri killed it! She brought me to tears in chapter 1 and I DON'T cry when reading. (Very often.) The characters are engaging and run the demographic spectrum. The children are spot-on with true childlike behavior, their mother is as neurotic and frantic as all mothers of 4 young children are, the Aunt is as sweet and feisty as you imagine all true southern ladies are, the developmentally delayed cousin is an accurate depiction of the world of the special needs, the 'man' is as sexy, sweet, strong and mysterious as you want all love interests to be, the best friend is an always-there-for-you-no-matter-what type of friend, her husband is as understanding as all husbands of best friends should be, the town sheriff is as attentive and hot as we wish all our law enforcement officials were, and the other characters in the town of Pollysdale, Alabama add nothing but the best to the storyline. No incidental characters to be found.

Millie is a 36 year old wife and mother deeply in love with her husband Carl. When embarrassing or difficult situations arise she wishes that she had the ability to just disappear. Wouldn't we all like that skill? The biggest curveball that life can throw you has been launched at Millie. She is facing life as a single mother with 4 small children and decides to uproot the family and move in with her Aunt Clara and developmentally delayed cousin James Allen AKA Chunk.  They are welcomed with open arms and while the kids adapt seemingly well Millie seems to find enough ups & downs for them all.  Meeting Alex, the 'caretaker' is her first dip into the pool of embarrassment that is her life. With major bed head, PJ pants, sans bra and coffee spilled all down her front she is looking less than stellar. Alex seemingly has a nefarious past that has all of Millie's mama radar on full alert. Thinking her Aunt Clara is entirely too trusting to invite Alex into her life she is on guard whenever he is around her or her children. As with all 'good' books chaos and romance ensue and I don't want to give anything else away so I'll stop there.  I will say that if you follow my blog and know my reading style you know how this one ends.

*This is the first in a 3 (?)  part series.

Random observations about this process:
-When approached by someone you know you don't think twice about paying to download their book & read it. It was less than five minutes after I found out that it was in my library.

-The $2.99 that I paid for the book was a bargain! I know taking a chance on an unknown is risky, but as in life "nothing ventured is nothing gained." I would gladly have spent double.

-Reading sex scenes written by your friend is a little weird. Especially when they are written so well! Dang girl!

-The behavior of the kids is very spot on for someone who doesn't have any!

-Based on my recommendation I think you should all download this book AND tell your friends about it. Also, make sure to leave reviews as we all know how important that is. It is hard to put yourself out there and open yourself up to the criticisms of the world. Please be kind (but honest) in your reviews!

I am standing tall and giving my friend Cheri a resounding standing O on this one!!!!!



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