Monday, July 8, 2013

The Remembrance Trilogy by Kahlen Aymes

So, among the many amazing experiences I had at Book Bash was my acquisition of the first book in this trilogy.

By total accident I ended up getting a hand delivered copy to my hotel room from Aymes herself. AMAZING!

I was honest with her that I hadn't read her book yet, but promised that I would. In another Book Bash regret I wish that I would have read them before I had the author right in front of me. I'm not above gushing to their face and I totally would have with this book (and the following 2).

The Future of Our Past - Ryan & Julia have been best friends for years. They both value their friendship so much that they ignore the feelings, they both have, for the other. Ryan is getting ready to graduate and head to Harvard medical school and this will be the first time they will be separated.  This reality is finally what forces them to reveal their feelings and admit what they have felt for a long time.  Long distance relationships are hard, even if you are as close and committed as Julia & Ryan are. They realize how important their chosen careers are and try to make the most of the time they get together.  When it finally looks like they may get to be together a job offer pops up for Julia that will delay this yet again.  Considering the support that she has shown him over the years Ryan can hardly stand in her way, even if he wants to. Will Julia choose the love of her life or the love of her job?

Don't Forget to Remember Me - Ryan is preparing to graduate from Harvard Medical School and to marry Julia. Finally all of their sacrificial separation will be worth it. A tragedy strikes the young lovers and Ryan is devastated.  The aftermath shows that you can still be separated while being close.  Julia wants to build a future with Ryan, but his lack of trust in her feelings has her second guessing everything. 

A Love Like This - Ryan & Julia are finally together and residing in NYC. Ryan is working his residency and Julia has her dream job at Vogue. They are together, but still separated by their busy schedules.  During a trip to visit friends they decide to start trying for a baby. While their relationship continues to be strong their close friends, Harris & Ellie are struggling. Julia rushes to LA to be at her friends side. Upon her unscheduled return she hears of a gang related incident at the hospital where Ryan is working. Arriving at the hospital Julia finds out that Ryan and several others were injured. The following weeks bring the couple closer to the nurse, Jane, who saved Ryan's life. Jane becomes more & more reliant on Ryan causing concern on Julia's part. No longer feeling like a priority in Ryan's life Julia takes off without letting him know where she is. Ryan is shaken to the core and his heartbreak starts to affect his work. Julia is miserable in their separation and they both have to decide what, if anything, they are willing to give up for the other.

Ryan Matthews - SWOON! Another couple to add to my favorites list. While all of them are good (another back-to-back-to-back read!) the last one is my favorite. I don't think it gives anything away to say that I liked it because Ryan became more 'real'. In the first books he is almost too perfect. I don't know any guy in real life who can come close to Ryan. I'd take one, but can't find any!  I highly recommend this trilogy and yet another reason I love reading them is that they are all published! No waiting! Once again, I hate waiting!!!!

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