Monday, July 8, 2013

Up In The Air Trilogy by R.K. Lilley

So, I started reading the first book in this trilogy on my way to Book Bash where I got to meet R.K. Lilley. I wish that I would have read all 3 before I met her. I have questions :)

I have to wonder if Bianca was not fashioned after Lilley herself. Their physical characteristics are eerily similar. Bianca is blonde, leggy, and likes to wear wedges. Upon meeting Lilley she was wearing a cute sleeveless top, short shorts and wedges. So.....just wondering, but now I can't ask her. :(

In Flight - Bianca is a flight attendant by profession with a closer than close gay co-worker/best friend named Stephen. They are the only family each other has. On a red-eye flight a gorgeous man named James Cavendish catches Bianca's eye. James became a billionaire at the age of 14 when both of his parents die. Now, in his 20's he sees Bianca & decides he has to have her. Neither of them have felt this way about anyone before & they are unable to stay apart. A man from Bianca's past comes back to haunt her and she and James have to decide if they are really meant to be together. Especially since James would prefer she stay a secret.

Mile High -  James has introduced Bianca into the role of being a submissive. In the world of passion and pain Bianca falls deeply in love with the beautiful Mr. Cavendish. Bianca continues to be hurt by her past and this hurt causes her to push James away. In their separation her feelings haven't gone away, and it's only a matter of time until his spell will be cast again.

Grounded - Bianca and James have reunited and even though not much time has passed she has agreed to move in with him. Outside forces try to tear them apart, and the evil from her past continues to be an issue. Can these two dysfunctional, but perfect for each other, lovers finally find their happiness?

These were very good reads. I read them back-to-back which brings up a good point. They are ALL published so there is no waiting! I hate waiting! James & Bianca have joined my list of favorite book couples & I think they should join yours too.

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