Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bared To You by Sylvia Day

Vague spoilers a possibility....

When will I ever learn? I am more than a little mad at myself after finishing this book. Why? I bought into the hype that this was a Fifty Shades of Grey rip off. No matter how many times I pulled it up & looked at the synopsis, this 'fact' kept me from reading. Through a series of pretty awesome circumstances, I got it in my library & started reading last night. That's right - last night. This means it was a 1 day read. Totally NOT a FSOG rip off book & shame on all those people who said it was. Shame on ME for listening!

In case you didn't get it from my first paragragh, to say that this is a FSOG rip off book is down right funny to me now that I've read it. Let me list the similarities for you: there is a hot guy, there is a hot girl, they have sex (and LOTS of it), there is a brief mention of dominance/submissive & having a safe word. That comes 217 pages in. The entire book is only 296 pages (on my nook). Come on! To make those parallels is a H-U-G-E stretch. Moving on.......

I won't go into too much detail about the storyline other than to say this: boy meets girl, boy wants girl, girl wants boy, girl has a secret from her past, boy has secret from his past, they are both screwed up & enjoy screwing each other. A LOT! Secret pasts lead to a rocky path down the road to romance.

I liked this book, but I can't say that I loved it. The characters are interesting, but not enough to have pulled me in like I wish they would have. The main male character Gideon Cross (whose name I love) is endearing, but he's no Travis Maddox. The standard I hold all fictional boyfriends now :) The main female character Eva is redeeming to me in that she isn't a dishrag that lets the man walk all over her. In fact she is often the aggressor in their sexual exploits.

This book has an ok story that I felt drug out a little too long in this book. Of course there is a sequel & yes - I will read it. So, as long as you don't expect a FSOG type book you should definitely check this out. It's a good read just not a great one.

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