Monday, April 22, 2013

Into The Dark by Stacy Green
While murder/mysteries are not my first genre choice, this book came on my radar & I connected with the author on FB. I figured anyone as nice as her deserved my time in reading her book. It was also fun to read about Vegas & know the landmarks as I was just there in November for the first time. It makes me want to go back & look for the tunnels :)

Without going through the premise of the book (you can get that from the book description) I have to say that I really liked the main character Emilie. She showed real life emotions through her journey of being held hostage to finally finding her strength & fighting back. I can relate to her. My personality is to to first be hurt/scared and then I get pissed! I don't like books that portray women as 'poor me I need a man to protect me' and this book doesn't disappoint. That's not to say that having the caring arms of a strong man backing you up isn't welcome. In this book, that man is Nathan Madigan SWAT team hostage negotiator. Meeting Emilie through a tragic event & knowing they should stay away from each other until the case is 'closed' only adds to the sexual tension between them. He provides good back-up for her working on his end while she decides to venture out on her own. (Similar to a scary movie when the main character goes outside when you KNOW the killer is out there :) In a sick way, I felt really sorry for the Taker. He obviously had a real connection to .......... never mind, that would give too much away. Let's just say that while he is super creepy & obviously dangerous you can see why he is doing what he is doing. You feel sorry for him. At least I did. It was a surprise to me how much I liked this book and I can't wait to read more from this author.

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