Monday, April 22, 2013

Consequenses and Truth by Aleatha Romig
This book review contains spoilers!!!!!

In the first book Consequences we have Claire Nichols who has been stalked & kidnapped by Anthony Rawlings, mega-billionaire and sadist. Tony is intent on complete dominance over Claire and will settle for nothing less than perfection. After all public appearances are everything. In a quest for self-preservation Claire learns to play his games and how to get what she wants. Slowly the tables turn and their relationship becomes one of genuine affection, love, and marriage. I can't help but wonder if Claire suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. The man kidnapped, beat & raped her for Pete's sake! Everything seems to be going well, or so it seems. An unexpected event sends Claire to jail and coming full circle she finds herself being held captive again. Things may not be as they seem and the question I would like to pose is this: Can people really change?

In the second book Truth, Claire is set on payback no matter how long it takes. Freed from jail she reaches out to unlikely friends relocates and sets about trying to start a new life. Of course there is nothing that money can't buy & it doesn't take Tony long to track her down and hires a PI to keep tabs on her. In an unexpected twist Tony's interest in Claire is to get her back. Claire gets reeled back in to Tony's life in an effort to keep her friends & family safe. In the process of playing the 'game' feelings begin to change and Claire knows that her feelings for Tony are still there. When it was bad it was bad, but when it was good it was great! Those are the feelings that Claire clings to. An unexpected surprise, and manipulation from an unlikely source brings them back together under the same roof. Someone is after Claire & this time it's not Tony. Can he keep her safe? As the threats penetrate their home Claire sees only one way out. Knowing that her actions will have consequences she follows through with her plan. Now Tony is the one being hurt. Will the past always stand in their way, or can the Truth finally bring them together?

The 3rd book, Conviction is set for a late 2013 early 2014 release & this is one book I can't wait to read!!!!!

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