Monday, April 22, 2013

Beautiful Disaster w/ Spoilers
First book on the table has to be Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I am mildly obsessed with this book & have read it 5x in the last week. The next book Walking Disaster is due out April 2nd and is the same story, but from Travis' pov. I can't wait! Also released this week is news that Beautiful Disaster is in the works to be made into a movie. This will be a must see!

This is the story of Travis Maddox, underground college UFC type fighter and man-whore at Eastern U, and Abby Abernathy who is running away from a past she has no desire to repeat. Think tattoos vs. cardigans. Needless to say their paths cross and thus begins their rocky romantic road. The journey that Travis goes on from bad-boy to devoted boyfriend is an interesting one. I'm not sure I have a good grasp on where all of his rage comes from, but I love that Abby seems to be able to soothe his soul. While Abby seems to know what she doesn't want she can't bring herself to walk away from Travis proving that you can't help who you love. One of my favorite parts of the book is when they have to go to Vegas to help save Abby's dad. Why would Travis agree to fight for Benny? Was he not listening???? The storyline of Lucky Thirteen is preposterous, but intriguing all the same. The thought that a parent could believe that their child could take their luck is crazy. Not that Mick is the model parent by any stretch of the imagination. Accompanying Travis & Abby on their journey is Mare (America) Abby's best friend and Shep Travis' cousin. They are dating & in a perfect world, they will have their own book someday.

This book deals with a lot of intense emotions and situations and I cannot recommend it enough.

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