Monday, April 29, 2013

Lost to You and Take This Regret by A.L. Jackson

First & foremost, I'm still editing that book I mentioned before. Such a tedious process :) I'll keep you posted.

So awhile back my sister-in-law who has become almost a voracious reader as I am suggested that I de-register my 'old' NOOKColor and register it under her email to have access to her library. The thought made me nervous, but excited. Nervous because I had a lot of books on there (I have a NOOK HD now so I kept my books), but excited to gain access to someone elses library. It took me a few weeks & then I did it. AWESOME! So while perusing through her library I came across Lost To You and it sounded good. It was! Then I immediately dove into Take This Regret, the sequel. Sigh.........they are going on my favorites shelf.

In Lost To You (the Prequel to Take This Regret) we meet Elizabeth & Christian (yes - another one!). Paired up as study partners Christian immediately wants her & she immediately swears him off. After all we all know what good-looking, sexy womanizing men are like.

Elizabeth comes from a loving family of a single mom & 2 sisters. She has worked hard to achieve her dreams & doesn't want anything or anyone to deter her from her path to success. Christian comes from a rich successful family, but has never known the love & security a family should provide.

Over time their friendship blooms until one day they both realize they want something more. Unwilling to risk the loss of their friendship they refuse to act on their feelings. Until that one day where they both decide it's worth the risk.

In Take This Regret are  Christian & Elizabeth are in a loving committed relationship. They continue to pursue their dreams of becoming lawyers and make plans for their future. Although still deeply in love Elizabeth is devastated as she shares her unplanned pregnancy with Christian and is cruelly ejected from his life. After all nothing can stand in the way of his plans to partner in his father's law firm. Words spoken in anger, misread situations and intense hurt prevent them from seeing each other for 5 long years. Neither has been able to move on and as fate finds them living in the same city it's inevitable their paths should cross. Determined to see his daughter and get Elizabeth back Christian sets out to convince her he's changed. This book begs the question is it harder to forgive someone else or yourself?

Sooooooooooo good!

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