Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beach Colors by Shelley Noble

If you like to read books by Kristin Hannah you are going to like this book.

Margaux Sullivan, successful NY designer of the brand M Atelier, has lost everything to her thieving husband. Her dreams of making it to New York's Fashion Week have slipped through her fingers. With her career in shambles and not a dime to her name she returns to the family's Summer beach house with her pride shattered. The beach house holds happy memories for her and the more time she spends there the more she can feel herself slipping back to the girl she once was. One that doesn't wear black all the time, but embraces color. One that still believes in dreams and wishes even after she's hit rock bottom.

Nick Prescott is a 'townie' that has returned to help his mother raise his nephew. His strong sense of familial obligation and guilt has him accepting the position of Chief of Police, giving up his dream job of being a History teacher. Nick has learned throughout his life that loss is reality and dreams are best forgotten about. Like forgetting about the 'Summer girl' who stole his heart when they were young even though they never spoke.

Can Margaux find her way back to the top? Does she still want to? Can Nick learn to loosen up and that dreams really can come true?

This book is a quick easy read & with Summer approaching, a great book to throw in your beach bag.

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