Monday, May 20, 2013

No Tan Lines by Kate Angell

Summer is coming! I have faith that even with all of the wonky weather that everyone has been having it will show up on time bringing the warmth & relaxation that the season promises. And vacations. Let's not forget vacations & vacation reading! I have found a fantastic Summer beach/pool/on the plane or in the car book to throw in your travel bag.

No Tan Lines is first and foremost about a family feud that is a century old. A literal line was drawn in the sand separating two settlements and generations later the line still exists.

On one side we have the Cates family of Barefoot William. A laid back group that runs all the business' on the pier. The family decision maker is Shaye Cates and she is my kind of girl. Shoes are a nuisance and her office consists of a beach umbrella and chair set up on the beach. Office attire is swimwear or shorts & t-shirts. My kind of boss!

On the other side we have the Saunders family of Saunders Shores. An uptight straight-laced community where shoes are a must and no one would dare lower themselves to actually using the beach for swimming or tanning. Trace Saunders is the current CEO of Saunders Shores and the lifelong nemesis of Shaye.

Unfortunately, Trace has something that Shaye needs and through a series of manipulatory meetings they are working together to host a charity volleyball tournament.

Heads butt and sparks ignite when lines are crossed and the magic of the sun and sand lower inhibitions.

This is the first book in the Barefoot William Series and the 2nd book, No Strings Attached, is available now and I'll be reading it soon.

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