Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

In the beginning there were peanuts.....

Yowza! This book is so freaking intense. Do NOT read this book if you are looking for a fairytale romance with men who are 'good' and women who are 'pure'. DO read this book if you love rollercoasters. I loved the ride and recommend you buy a ticket to read. Just buckle up and hang on tight!

I was more than a little creeped out at the beginning of the story when little Eva meets Deuce for the first time when she is 5 and he is 23. Ewwww! Of course nothing inappropriate happens at that point, (other than they meet at Rikers Island while both are visiting their incarcerated fathers) but just knowing it will later was a little icky for me.

The 'relationship' between Deuce and Eva spans years. MANY years! Many TUMULTUOUS years. I'm not even sure where to start without spewing out all of the truly messed up stuff that happens in this book.

While their meetings are few and far between their reunions are intense and extremely passionate. Since their first hook-up (when Eva is 16 and Deuce is 34!) they both are clear that they should stay away from each other. Far away. That fact is reiterated by Eva's father who shoots Deuce twice after catching him with his daughter. A few bullets are nothing to a bad ass biker who knows what he wants.

Eva is the daughter of  Damon Fox AKA 'Preacher' the President of the Silver Demons motorcycle club. This translates to Eva having not only one biological father, but a club full of adopted ones. All willing to let her embrace 'club life'. Apparently in biker world it's ok for a young girl to know what the whores at the club are there for and to overlook that the guys are all married.

Deuce is the President of the Hell's Horsemen motorcycle club which is also filled with less than stellar characters, criminals and whores galore. A side story to this would be the multitude of STD's that have to be running rampant through these places. These boys share their toys. That's all I'm saying.

They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions and Eva's journey takes her straight to her own personal self-deprecating fallen angel type of hades.

Deuce wants Eva in ways that he has never wanted any other woman, but is not willing to give up his 'club' ways to have her. Although Eva grew up in this environment can she truly overlook his antics in order to be with him?

 Commence to reading to find out.....

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