Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crush by Nicole Williams

No other way to put it, but it really sucks.......when a series you have devoted yourself to comes to an end. I have loved traveling the path of Jude & Lucy's relationship through Crash then Clash and finally Crush.

It has finally happened for Jude. His dream of being drafted into the NFL has become a reality. While being separated from Lucy is unbearably hard he quickly becomes enamored with his new lifestyle and all it affords. Wanting to give Lucy everything she has ever wanted he loses sight of the fact that the only thing she ever wanted was him.

While missing Jude desperately Lucy is determined to continue following her own dreams of finishing her dance degree. Taking classes prevents her from moving with Jude and to fill her lonely days she also finds a job with Anton her BFF's brother. (Remember India?) Unfortunately Anton is a hopeless flirt and has set his sights on Lucy. Jude sniffs out his intentions and old insecurities surface. Adding to the precariousness of the situation is Lucy's hesitancy to walk down the aisle. Will 'soon' ever come?

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder when temptation, money, jealousy, and an earth shattering revelation come into play?

Williams scores a touchdown with this book. Jude & Lucy are flawed, damaged and real. The ending is precious and endearing. This trilogy is going on my favorites list and Jude is definitely a top 10 book boyfriend!

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