Monday, May 20, 2013

Don't Hate The Player......Hate The Game by Katie Ashley know when you have a good friend and they introduce you to one of their good friends that you don't know? This new person is perfectly nice and you get along with them, but you can just tell that you won't be friends. There is just 'something' missing. You don't begrudge the friendship between your friend and this person and you don't mind hanging out with them. Just don't look for a phone call asking to hang out one-on-one. Know what I mean?????? That is the relationship that I feel I have with Katie Ashley and her books.

The first book I read of hers was The Proposal & then The Proposition (yes, I read them backwards by accident). I abandoned The Proposal about 1/3 of the way in & it took me 3 weeks to go back & finish it. I just wasn't feeling it. I'm nothing if not committed though, so I went ahead & read The Proposition. I struggled through that too. I bought into the hype of Don't Hate The Player.....and struggled through it too. Katie Ashley & I just aren't meant to be friends.

In Don't Hate The Player Noah Sullivan is reeling from the horrifying death of his best friend Jake. An accidental finding of an engagement ring in Jake's room has him embarking on a quest to find out which one of Jake's girls it was meant for. Is it Avery, the stuck-up Ice Princess who had cut Jake off from any sexual activity, or Presley the 'easy' girl who welcomed Jake into her arms & bed? Then there is Maddie the church girl who isn't anywhere near Jake's type. The quest takes Noah on a journey of self-discovery teaching him things about himself and Jake that he never knew. He questions how well he really knew his very best friend.

I do like the idea of this book & my dislike comes more from the execution of it. There are numerous misspellings as well as many sentences that don't make sense. Basically it needs more editing. I also feel like the story and her writing style are too juvenile for me. This is a YA novel, but I read this genre without feeling like this all the time.

So.......I know that we have mutual friends & I wish you all the best in your relationship, but Katie Ashley should not wait by the phone for my call.

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