Sunday, June 30, 2013

Author Impressions from Book Bash

So I made a semi-scrapbook to take to this event and ended up only putting 36 authors in it. Many of the 83 that were there I had never heard of so......I didn't 'waste' pages in my book for them. In the order they are in my book here are my thoughts upon meeting them:

Kristin Ashley - not a huge fan of her books, but a huge fan of her. She is so tall!!! Super nice & she was sweating as much as I was. I loved that - made her more real to me :)

Katie Ashley - super sweet & nice. She walked the line a couple of times at pre-registration and we had a few laughs over my homemade scrapbook vs. this other semi-professional one we saw. Once again not a big fan of her books, but she is awesome!

Maya Banks - ummmm.......I don't even remember meeting her so that may say something. Either about her or me I'm not sure which???? I do know she had great swag!

Cora Carmack - this girl can talk! Like I mean really talk! This translates to fantastic when you are the one she is talking to, but extremely annoying when you are waiting in line. I loved her & wished I got to hang out more with her outside the event.

Nichole Chase - seemed sweet & I loved her swag that I got for Suddenly Royal because it was a princess wand! Haven't even read her books yet, but she liked my page. Especially liked that I had the cover for 'On Christmas Hill' because she did that one herself.

Nyrae Dawn - when I got to her table no one was there. Crazy! She had a cool new shorter haircut with pink highlights on each side of her face.  She was really nice & laid back. She liked that I knew she writes under a pseudonym. Funny what you can learn on the internet :)

Jillian Dodd - So nice! She liked my scrapbook page for her. We talked a little about her daughter heading out to Nebraska for school & also about my Origami Owl necklace. She wants to get one with the charms that coincide with her book. I think she should market them :) I told her that I had read every one of her books in a week & that I loved them. She is also a tall, blonde babe. Wish I was. {sigh}

Rebecca Donovan - I couldn't wait to meet her! I haven't read any of her books, but in putting together my scrapbook decided that she had the best website of all the authors hands down. Her web designer was there so I complimented her as well. It's like Sex In The City reads books! She is beautiful & so stylish! Good swag as well.

Karina Halle - grabbed her autograph quickly when we crashed Angstfest. She was very accommodating and had on a cool necklace :)

Colleen Hoover - also grabbed her autograph at Angstfest & wish that I would have had more time to hang with her. She was super nice!

R.K. Lilley - She was one of the authors I grabbed in the lobby outside of Angstfest. She is also tall, blonde & a babe. She had on shorts & wedges & was very leggy. Wish I was!  She liked my book & flipped through to check out her friend's pages. Seemed really nice & wasn't in a hurry to run away from us :)

K.A. Linde - she was really sweet at the signing & didn't even get mad at me when I told her that her main character bugged me. She seemed to have a good sense of humor & at Angstfest I saw her shaking her booty :)

Cherrie Lynn - No one was at her table when I got there either! She signed my scrapbook, my real book & took a pic with me. Her biker looking hubby/boyfriend? became the photographer. She gave out really cute little bags as swag.

R.L. Mathewson -  met her while waiting in line at pre-registration. Let's just say I wasn't impressed, but I like her books.

Jamie McGuire - waited in her line & got to her table at the tail end of the day. She was polite, but I think she was tired. Doesn't matter - she signed my book! Also has a really fun karaoke video on her page today that made me smile :)

Katja Millay - haven't read her book but I bought it for her to sign. She was quiet but nice. Saw her later hanging out in the lobby & she looked like a very dignified Southern lady, but she was sporting pink Chuck's with her floral dress. I had to tell her how much I liked them & we chatted for a minute. Totally nice!

Tina Reber - didn't talk to her too long, but her son was under the table playing while we were there & I loved that. She is just a mom like me. She liked my book & took a picture of it for herself. I hear she's really funny & wish we could have hung out longer.

J.A. Radmerski - once again I don't remember much so....moving on

Elizabeth Reyes - very quiet & I'm not sure that she even spoke to me.

Sylvain Reynard - just sent his publicist & before this event we though he was a she :) Wish HE would have been there!

Aleatha Romig - super super nice! How she wrote such a twisted book is beyond me. Met her at the elevators the night of pre-registration & spent time taking to her at her table. I love her!!!!

Madeline Sheehan - very nice & seemed like a fun person. Very rock-n-roll. She seemed young to me, but I'm old so.....

Charles Sheehan-Miles - such a nice guy. He was serving as photographer at the author's table next to his when we got there. He was very appreciative. They took pics of my book & the people he was with were very appreciative as well. I love his books & was impressed with him! He does need new publicity photos though. Just sayin'

Tara Sivec - what's not to love? She is cool. She is funny. She is cute. She called her friend the 'Photo Bitch'. She gave out condoms as swag. I mean seriously! Her books are hilarious & are a direct reflection of her personality. She was at GNO & is a partier. Good times! I did learn that I always pronounced her name wrong before. Ooops!

S.C. Stephens - very quiet. Met her at Angstfest & she was nice, but not overly outgoing.

Tammara Webber - very quiet. Can't remember her even talking to me at her table.

Jasinda Wilder - caught up to her at GNO & she is super down to earth & nice. I have red hair envy!

Nichole Williams - no one was at her table when I went which was really surprising to me. Very nice & she loved my book. Hers is one of my better pages.

Well, that is all. Oh wait! I met Alice Clayton too. She wasn't in my book before I went, but she should have been. Super nice lady & we said 'hey' to her again at GNO. Her autograph says, 'Thank you for enjoying the ridiculous' which is a perfect way to end this post!


  1. Thanks, loved the rundown even if you don't love KA's books like I do!

    Sounds like you had a great time and you make these guys come to life for me, and that makes me want to read their books.

    Jeanie Jackson

  2. Thank for your feedback Jeanie. This was as much for me as you guys. I didn't want to forget my first impressions :)