Friday, June 28, 2013

Orlando Book Bash 2013

Day 1 - I ran around like a mad woman this morning making sure that everything was ready for me to leave. This included getting groceries for my family as the cupboard was seriously bare. So, thankful that I packed yesterday!!!!! When I arrived at the airport my flight was already delayed by an hour. (Of course it was!) So, blah, blah, blah & I arrive in Orlando. My beautiful new pink luggage that I was so excited to get was ripped in transit, BUT I was so happy to be going to Book Bash that I really didn't sweat it. Got a new bag from the airline & looking on the bright side, I now have an empty suitcase to fill with books! Oh yeah!!!!  My online friend Monica & her husband Richie met me in the lobby and she is exactly how I knew she would be. So thankful to have met her! Checked into the hotel & went up to my room. That's right - MY ROOM! One that I don't have to share with 2 kids, 2 dogs or a husband. ALL MINE! I can set the thermostat wherever I want & watch whatever I want on TV. Heaven! Got unpacked & logged in on the computer before I decided I was starving. Pre-registration was at 8:00, so I headed down at 7:00 to grab a bite. Not happening. As soon as I hit the lobby I see a huge line already forming. Well the idea of eating went out the window at that point! I jumped in line & my other online friend (Cheri) & I texted. She was a little ahead of me in line. While waiting in line I glanced behind me & saw one of the authors I wanted to meet standing off to the side. I quickly ok'd my departure with the girl behind me & head over to get her autograph & one for my friend CT Oliver that I promised her. Check that off the list :) We proceed to stand in line for an hour. Since I am travelling alone, I spent that time texting Cheri (mostly about who I would see walking by) and Monica (who was at Cirque de Soleil) with the same info wishing she was in line with me. I was literally like a kid in a candy store. It was like seeing movie stars walk by. Not to be too judgemental (but yes) the girl behind me knew no one that walked by. Hello? Why are you here???? I was so proud of my author scrapbook until I looked back & saw these two women with these AMAZING books that they had made. Made mine look like a kindergarten project, but oh well. At least I made mine! Once the line started moving we got up in front of the elevators & that is when it happened. There are several authors that I really wanted to meet this weekend, but there is one who surpasses all the others. So as I stood there it was like a beacon of light shining through the crowd. Aleatha Romig made her way to the elevator right by me! The ladies behind me, who are braver than I, pulled her over for pictures, while I was silently freaking out. I am not one to approach a 'celebrity' on their time. Tomorrow during the event I'll talk your ear off, but not when you are with your friends/family. That's just how I roll. Anyway, she looked my way & I said hi & waved. She walked over & grabbed my hand. I introduced myself - she introduced herself - I said I know who you are & it's such a pleasure to meet you - she said I was sweet & THEN SHE HUGGED ME! Joy!!!!!!! Anyway, we proceeded into the event space & not much was going on in there. I finally caught up to Cheri & her friends though. This means that I have now officially met 2 of my online friends! Amazing! Katie Ashley had been walking around the line & hanging out so I had seen her before, but I decided to take this opportunity to have her sign my book. As I'm talking to her at her table & lay my book out for her to sign, who walks up behind me but the 2 women with the 'cool' books. Really????? So, of course Katie's eye is drawn to the new & shiny & we both start talking about how amazing these books are. So, being the smart aleck that I am I start giving her a hard time about ignoring my book. She is so sweet & funny! We joked around & then she felt bad so she too came around her table & gave me a big hug!  I found Cheri & we all decided we were starving at this point, so we headed over to the Ale House to eat. Basically this translates to me getting in a car with a bunch of strangers that I had never met before today. One of the things they tell you NOT to do on vacation. Hee Hee! We had an amazing dinner & then we came back to the hotel. Not much was going on downstairs so we separated & I ended up back in my ALL MINE hotel room. Which is where I sit now. Can't wait for tomorrow & hope that I have lots of amazing stories to report.

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