Thursday, June 6, 2013

Entwined With You by Sylvia Day

It depends on what time of year it is or what wild hair I've come across that I am a 'blonde'. So, it's not unusual that miss a few things here & there. Even on the off times I have been known to miss out on some things. I feel that with this book I have REALLY missed something.

I did what any good reviewer does and didn't read any reviews prior to reading this book. I did however see many Facebook posts referencing how many people were disappointed in it. I even had people asking me if I'd read the unhappy posts. I did not. I'm not sure if you heard the same things that I did, but the main reference was to the fact that it just 'ends'. Well, I have read the book cover to cover and I have to tell you......I have missed something big.

The first thing I 'missed' was that I thought this was a trilogy and that this was the last book. Nope! The second thing I 'missed' is where this book just ends. The story, in my opinion, is as complete as the previous ones. The story can't 'end' when there are other books to follow.

The good news is that Gideon Cross is back! I love him. I love his name. I love how he loves Eva. It's intense. It's emotional. It's terrifying. I love every single solitary second of his dysfunction.

Eva is everything that I could possibly want in a female character. She is a good friend. She is sexy. She is driven. She is in love with her man. Most importantly she is strong and doesn't 'need' a man to take care of her.

Still reeling from the repercussions of Nathan's death, Gideon & Eva muddle through this book as they are hit from every direction with obstacles trying to tear them a part. The good news is that no trial or tribulation will come between these two great loves. {sigh}

Move over Christian Grey. Move over Anthony Rawlings. Gideon Cross has stolen my heart.

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