Friday, June 28, 2013

Avoiding Responsibility by K.A. Linde

Still crossing authors of my TBR list that I am going to see at Book Bash this weekend. K.A. Linde is one of those authors.

The follow up book to Avoiding Commitment continues the story of Lexi, Jack & Ramsey. Lexi is still feeling the pull toward Jack, but has hopes of being distracted by Ramsey. Jack is still planning his wedding to Bekah and Ramsey is trying to make up for past behavior.

I can honestly say that while I have no tolerance for these characters I still like this series. Like. Not love.

Even though they are fictional - why are these people so stupid? Hormones trump logic. Hearts trump heads. Lies are easily forgiven. And the bad guy is so romanticized that you start thinking he's the good guy.

In real life I would not be caught dead cheating with a guy who has a girlfriend. I would not put myself into situations where I would be around said guy or his (now) fiancĂ©e. I sure as heck wouldn't go to their wedding, but in case we have forgotten.......this isn't real life!

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