Sunday, June 23, 2013

Savor You by Emily Snow

Kylie Wolfe and the bassist Wyatt McRae have a toxic relationship that has spanned many years. Kylie knows that the best thing for her would be to never see Wyatt again, but she is unable to break away from the pull he has over her. Deciding that it's finally time she takes off to New Orleans for a week long vacation, at Mardi Gras, with her best friend. Distance is just what she needs especially since Wyatt doesn't know where she is.

Unfortunately being the assistant to the lead singer of Your Toxic Sequel means they have too many mutual connections to keep her location a secret for long. Of course, Wyatt shows up and is determined to remind her of their New Orleans trip seven years ago. She agrees to travel with him and promises herself one last fling before she cuts ties for good. Of course Wyatt has decided that he doesn't want to let her go and sets out to remind her of all their good times together and why they should have a future - together. Will this be the end or will Wyatt be successful in his endeavors? DUH!

Volatile relationships make me a little nervous when I read them. I always try to put myself in their place and think that I wouldn't have put up with being treated like crap for years & years, but then I look around and see what people put up with everyday and think....maybe. I guess love, true love, really can conquer all.

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